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Jordan Nodelman is now a hobbyist street photographer and a professional clinical social worker & psychotherapist based in South Florida.

He intertwines the worlds of art and altruism, embodying the essence of a street photographer and a dedicated social worker. Armed with his camera and a compassionate heart, he navigates city streets, capturing unfiltered moments that encapsulate the human experience.

He captures the beauty in the mundane, shedding light on the overlooked and underrepresented facets of society and missed moments of mindfulness that most of us walk right by. He uses his photography to amplify voices, challenge perceptions and magnify the overlooked.

More recently, his photography focuses on human subjects, with older work (including a series titled “Emptiness”) focusing on desolate landscapes.

In 2024, one of his photographs was chosen by the marketing team of the Fernsentrum Berlin to be featured on their social media landing page. During the period from 2009 - 2013, Jordan showed his work annually during the New Haven, CT Arts Fesitvals (in various locations around the city). In 2012, his work was featured in Urban Plant Research, a Berlin Germany based project that is dedicated to artwork about plants in urban environments. In 2010, two photographs from his Emptiness series were featured in Flock, a juried exhibit held at ArtSpace New Haven curated by Patricia Hickson and Kristina Newman-Scott.

Jordan’s photographs also hang in homes of collectors around North America.

He now photographs for fun, for distraction and to slow down and still sells work (or donates it) to those who are interested.

The website content is Copyright Jordan Nodelman. All photography on this website was taken by Jordan Nodelman. All photographs are the sole property of Jordan Nodelman. If you would like to use or reproduce a photograph, please contact. Do not reproduce without permission.

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